Whole30 Meals - Week One

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Depending on whether or not you are currently doing/interested in doing a Whole30, this post could be really helpful or incredibly boring. You've been warned. I thought it would be fun (a relative term) to jot down what we ate for our first week of Whole30. We pretty much started on a whim, deciding to do it on a Sunday night and then starting Monday morning, so I hardly had to time to research new recipes and meal ideas. I have found that I enjoy eating normal Whole30-compliant food that I would anyways (like hamburgers, steak, shrimp, etc.) for meals rather than making up weird Whole30 conceptions that I would never eat otherwise (like zucchini noodles and butternut squash frittatas). I know if there was ever a time to try new good-for-me foods it would be while on Whole30, but I just can't do it. I want normal food (another relative term) and I love that it is still possible to eat that way on Whole30.

I've listed out below what we ate for dinner each night during our first week. Lunch would normally be leftovers from the night before. In the dire situations when there were no leftovers, I'll either whip up something easy, like scrambled eggs and sausage or head to the salad bar at Kroger (leaving off the dressing and cheese). So here's what we ate:

Monday - Hamburgers
Sometimes I wonder if Whole30 meals actually taste as good as they do or if we're just so hungry our brains and stomachs just think it's the best thing ever. Either way, after a long day with not much food in the house, these hamburgers tasted like every good thing. We made simple patties, seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder (and just about every other jar of seasoning we had in the cabinet) and cooked them in a skillet with sliced onions and jalapenos. For our side, we had pan-fried potatoes and french green beans.

Tuesday - Shrimp Stir-Fry
This meal started with me following this recipe and then veering off completely into left field. It all started when I realized I only had broccoli instead of asparagus. No problem, I decided to just substitute one green veggie for another. But as the broccoli and shrimp were finishing cooking, I was feeling incredibly bored with the meal so I decided to make a side of rosemary potatoes and a scrambled egg. We ended up mixing everything together in stirfry form and it turned out really good and (best of all, in my opinion) really filling.

Wednesday - Salmon Patties
I told Mark that when we were little, we called these salmon "cakes" instead of patties. He insisted that if it doesn't have icing on it, you can't call it a cake. So patties it is then. I can get tired of these easily so my plan was to just make a few for dinner, but then I read the recipe wrong and used 3 14oz cans instead of the 3 6oz cans the recipe called for. Whoops. Needless to say, we had plenty! Mark chopped up a jalapeno to add to a few and declared it perfect. But then again, this is the same guy who adds jalapenos to his spaghetti and thinks it tastes delicious. Insert side-eye here. We ate leftover veggies from earlier in the week with them.

Thursday - Potato Cakes
I was growing tired of the same old fried potatoes every night so I turned them into potato cakes on this particular evening. It was my first time trying almond flour (I used it to coat the cakes to help them fry) and it wasn't bad at all! I stuffed the potatoes full of chives, parsley and green onions. They turned out really good! We paired them with more salmon patties and french-cut green beans.

Friday - Pot Roast
On Friday, my sister-in-law invited us over to their house for dinner. It feels like such a luxury on Whole30 to have someone else cook for you - even it if it is food you could make at home yourself. Whole30 takes work so being able to pop over in time for supper and have it ready is always a treat. I brought along a side dish of roasted potatoes (our favorite side, if you couldn't tell already). I normally fry them in a skillet, but this time I laid them out on a cookie sheet and left them to roast in the oven for 30 minutes. Super easy and they tasted great!

We're on Day 16 now (over halfway done!!) and I'd have to say my favorite meal so far is still hamburgers with a side of smashed potatoes smothered in chives, sea salt, and black pepper. It is super quick to make and is totally appropriate on these humid summer nights. Do you have a favorite Whole30 or paleo meal you like to make?

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