4 Instagram Accounts to Get You In the Mood For Fall

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Plus, a fall playlist that I've pretty much had on repeat every day lately. There's nothing like a few twangy banjo tunes to get you in the mood for hot cider and crunchy leaves. I'm off to search for the some pumpkins and mums to spruce up my front door. Ever since seeing this photo on Southern Living's website, I'm determined to find the perfect squatty pumpkins that I can stack. Wish me luck. And, happy fall!

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  1. JASON ISBELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart eye emojis all around.

    1. I am just now discovering him (how?!) but I'm completely hooked!

  2. I love your Spotify playlists! I've been stealing them lately while at work. It's nice because then I don't have to put together my own fall playlist. So thanks for that! haha!


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