A Fall Camping Trip

Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend camping trips to the mountains are what fall is all about, amiright? That, and apple orchards and doughnuts. A weekend is the perfect amount of time to get my fix of campfires, crunchy leaves, mountain air, and hairpin curves without growing desperate for a hot shower and soft bed. We went on a quick trip last weekend which just so happened to be the coldest night of fall so far. I grabbed my winter coat at the last minute and was oh-so-glad that I did because it got down in the 30's that night and the wind was not playing around! 

We started our trip out by driving up to Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia, and ended it by hiking to Tallulah Gorge, a 1,000 foot canyon in the middle of the mountains. It feels good to say I hiked two mountains in one weekend, but the reality is they were only 1-2 mile hikes. Each place had parking lots where you can drive up most of the way and then start your hike. Still, let's give my sore calves their due...it was quite a workout! 

More photos below + a video!


And now, for your enjoyment, a little Ray Charles + a healthy dose of camera jostling and grainy-ness. I'm still working on my movie skills, obviously, but this little clip makes me smile. 


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  1. My best friend from college lived in Tallulah, so she and I spent many days swimming in the river in Tallulah Gorge. All those steps definitely will give your legs a workout!

    1. Sounds fun! We didn't get to see the river, but I'm sure it's gorgeous. That whole area is beautiful!


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