Day Trips Outside of Athens: Bishop, Bostwick & Madison

Thursday, October 01, 2015

A few weeks ago, we took a fun day trip through some of the small towns outside of Athens. It was one of those gorgeous summer days where you're perfectly content to keep riding down the next back road and taking pictures of the enormously fluffy clouds. 

We traveled through the tiny town of Bostwick, GA which is surrounded by cotton fields and not much else. The cotton was just beginning to pop out of the bolls so you could see specks of white in the green fields. I know next to nothing about harvesting cotton, but I did learn that it is usually harvested in early November, so now I'm dying to find a cotton field in full bloom before then. I think they are so beautiful! I'm sure they're a familiar sight to most Georgians, but this Virginia girl is still enthralled by a field full of fluffy cotton candy blossoms.  

I mean, come on, could you ask for a more gorgeous day than this! Also, can we talk about the red clay that is everywhere down here? I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it. There's not mud when it rains, just sticky red clay that stains everything you own a lovely shade of orange. Ick.

Just a few miles outside of Athens in the quaint little town of Bishop sits Reed's Odds & Ends. The name is the perfect description of this place. Some things are actually antique and others are just a wild collection of odds and ends that you can purchase. I found the coolest year book from UGA here. I think it was from the 1960s and ohh the hairdos! 

Next up was Madison, GA. I'd heard about this cute little town before, so I was excited to visit. We strolled down a few sidewalks, checked out a few stores, and filled our bellies with BBQ, baked beans, and cole slaw. One day I'll return for the mac & cheese. 

This is the kind of town where strangers greet you on the sidewalk. I had literally just stepped out of the car when an old man on a sidewalk bench started smiling and waving in our direction. I gave him some weird side-eye, but turns out he just wanted to say hello. It's really sad these days that you can't tell if someone is a crazy or just a sweet Southern gentleman. Although, maybe he was a little of both? Anyway, most of the people in this little town were really sweet. The cook even came out to our table at the BBQ joint to say hello and make sure we enjoyed our meal. Southern hospitality, ya'll. It's alive and well in Gawja.


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  1. You are exactly right about Southern hospitality.I carried it with me to Maryland and now I"M the one getting the weird side-eye. It's like this compulsion to say hello or in some way acknowledge whoever you pass on the street. Btw, I'm visiting home through your posts. I'm quite quite jealous.


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