October's List

Monday, October 05, 2015

October, the month that's just far enough from summer and winter to be completely dedicated to all things fall, has officially arrived and somehow we're already five days into it. What?! Time for another list.

October's List
1. Commit to 30 days of yoga. I've been following along with Yoga With Adriene's Youtube videos for awhile now, but refusing to commit to this challenge because [insert endless excuses here]. I've decided to just go for it this month. Even if I don't know what I'm doing half the time, I always feel better afterwards. Even if it ends up being 15 minutes every morning of mountain pose followed by corpse pose. Just kidding. I'm going to try a little harder than that.

2. Go on a clothes shopping freeze. I went through the most ridiculous run-around last month, trying to use a $25 coupon in a certain store. I could only use it on a certain day, on certain items, and only after I'd spent a certain amount of money. Coupons always have fine-print, I know this, but this time it really started to annoy me. I was trying to spend more money in order to save money in order to buy a shirt that I honestly didn't even need. I could rant on this for much longer, but the end result was that I realized I really don't need any more clothes. So, spending freeze for the month. Let's see if I can hold myself to it.

3. Keep reading. I did so good at this goal during the summer, but as the days get cooler I can already feel the pull to curl up on the couch with a blanket and Netflix. I'm going to try to keep up with my goal of reading 3-4 books a month...even if my beloved Oyster app is going away. Sob! I guess it's finally time to get a library card.

4. Get better at meal planning. Why is this little goal so freaking hard to do? I haven't met a person yet who loves meal planning. I see them all over blog world and Pinterest, but I have yet to meet one in real life.

5. Learn a new skill. I've really been wanting to learn calligraphy lately, but if last month taught me anything it's how insanely fast a month can fly by. So, I'm giving myself some wiggle room in case the calligraphy thing doesn't span out. Learn a new skill. Any skill will do. Calligraphy would be best.

6. Host a fall get-together. This is a fun one! Some friends and I are planning a little get together towards the end of this month and I'm excited for all the fall goodies. Plus costumes!

7. Eat pumpkin pie. No explanation needed. It's fall.

8. Exercise consistently. The 30 days of yoga challenge will probably take care of this goal, but the idea is to get into a consistent routine so by the time it's actually cold outside I might have a tad more motivation to go work out. Might.

9. Wake up earlier. Having a few extra hours before work to get stuff done at a leisurely, morning-appropriate pace is so much better than having to rush around so I'm not late. I have learned this lesson over and over again, and yet it is still so hard to remind myself of this at 6am when I just want to roll over and keep sleeping. Gonna try harder this month.

10. Buy mums for the front porch. See #7's reasoning.

And, now, a look back at September's goals:

1. Get 10,000 steps every day.
2. Buy yarn for winter crochet projects.
3. Finish Whole30.
4. Take some roadtrips.
5. Work on our guest room.
6. Eat chili.
7. Make at least one item from my Pinterest boards. 
8. Eat pizza at Automatic.
9. Hang some photos.
10. Take a bike ride on the Beltline.

5/10 isn't that bad, right? Fine, it's pretty bad, but my excuse is that last month threw monkey wrenches left and right and kinda blew my routine to smithereens. We finished Whole30, even though we stopped a week early due to unexpected travel and just an all-around feeling of being done. We took several road trips, I made an apple crisp using a recipe from Pinterest, and added a bookshelf and snake plant to the guest room. And I know nobody cares about almost but I really did come so close to meeting my steps goal every day in September.

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  1. I love this list! This post reminded me that I definitely need to make an October list for myself (number 1 on my list is to email you back) :) So many of yours will probably end up on mine too, and I really like the idea of 30 days of yoga.

    1. Haha, Kim! No worries. But, yes, make a list! I made mine a little looser this month, because it kills my OCD mind not to be able to cross things off.


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