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Monday, October 19, 2015


Last weekend we had a serious hankering for some BBQ. We made plans with my sister and brother to hit up a tiny BBQ shop for Sunday lunch. I was pulling up the directions on Google Maps when I saw those sad little words written in all red: "Permanently Closed". 

We didn't dwell. There are enough BBQ joints in this town that we would not be deterred. We headed across town to a new BBQ restaurant that had just opened a few weeks before — The Saucehouse. Anyone tried it yet? Unfortunately, we pulled in their parking lot thirty minutes before their doors opened and this impatient group of BBQ hunting grouches just couldn't wait any longer. Back on the road we went until we ended up at Pulaski Heights BBQ,  a sweet little restaurant that is very much so in business and opens for lunch at 11am.


It's located in The Leathers Building on Pulaski Street, right beside the train tracks. It was too gorgeous of a day to sit inside (even though it was really cute — I peeked), so instead we sat under an umbrella on their patio. I liked that they didn't add the BBQ to the sandwich before serving it. It's just a random preference of mine, but I like adding the meat as I eat my sandwich. The danger of this, though, is that while you're preoccupied eating your sandwich, someone may steal the remaining BBQ on your tray. Coughcough...Mark. We all agreed that we could eat their mac & cheese all day and that they really should definitely make the portions of it much bigger.

We'll definitely come back to this sunny corner of Athens the next time the BBQ cravings hit.


675 Pulaski St, Suite 100
Athens, GA 30601

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