This Week's Notes 10.30.15

Friday, October 30, 2015


Five things that made me happy this week:
  • Sleeping with the windows open because this weather!
  • Going out for lunch even though there are healthier leftovers in the fridge #rulebreaker
  • Adding more finishing touches to our bedroom 
  • Getting a thank you note from a client
  • Realizing I can do a yoga move that I couldn't do last month
Studies show that music can increase your productivity. Here's a breakdown of which type of music you should listen to based on the task you're doing.

Erin of Reading My Tea Leaves blog recently started a new series called Simple Matters, all about living simply and minimally. The series started out with a prop stylist who sold everything to go work on farms in Europe. It's a super interesting read!

What to cook when you don't feel like cooking - sticking this in my back pocket.

Another great read: The Essential Guide to Happiness On The Job as written by Rashida Jones
The tricky part is that everything is located in the same little place: Work, pleasure, distraction, misbehaving, responding, wasting time, buying, selling, dreaming, focusing ... all options live together, and I can float from one to another with no effort. It is truly amazing. I'm in awe. But it doesn't help me be productive.

REI is closing all their stores on Black Friday and encouraging people to take a hike instead.

Here's what happened on the blog this week, in case you missed it: I tried a few recipes from Pinterest and shared my favorites in this post; Bri Towne shared the details of her day job as a jewelry stylist in this postWe went to the mountains and I put together a short video of our trip. Thanks for reading along!

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