Gift Guide #2: Something She Needs

Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Monday! I hope you're all recovering well from the four-day turkey coma. Our Thanksgiving was wonderful and I'm hoping to share a few photos in the next few days. Today, though, I'm excited to share the next gift guide, following the guide of Something she wants, something she needs, something to wear, and something to read.  Click here to see the "Something She Wants" gift guide. This gift guide focuses on practical gifts that we could all use this winter. Everybody loves the huge surprise gift, but  let's be honest  we all secretly like the practical gifts that encourage us to treat and take care of ourselves. Plus, there's nothing better than pulling on a freshly gifted pair of socks on Christmas morning! 


Fleece Lined Socks / Socks are something everybody needs. How do those buggers get lost so easily?! I feel like I ask for socks every year, but every year I really need them! These chunky boot socks look crazy comfy.

Lip Balm / 'Tis the season...for dry, chapped lips. I like to keep lip balm by my computer, on my nightstand, in my purse, and a few coat pockets as well. Seriously, who has time to hunt it down when you need it? My favorite type is classic ChapStick, but if you want to get fancy this Anthropologie lip balm looks delicious.

Daily Planner / We all need a little organization in our life and this cute little planner looks promising.  I like that it has additional space beside each day to make your own lists, doodles, or notes.

Hand Cream / I almost dread washing my hands this time of year because of how incredibly dry they get. I'd happily keep these cute tubes of lotions close by to use all the time.


Warm Throw / I don't know about you, but after the holidays are over it takes all of my effort to keep from falling into a wintertime funk. Gift a cozy, bright-colored blanket to give fresh life to the foot of the bed or back of the sofa during the long January and February months. The key is to get something that looks like spring but still works well in the dead of winter.

Starbucks Gift Card / This doesn't really fall into the category of "need", but I think that's debatable. We all need to treat ourselves every now and then during the winter for sanity's sake.

Key Cable / I'd like to meet the person who always has a full battery on their phone, because it's certainly not me! This Native Union key cable is a life-saver in a pinch. Hidden connectors pop out to plug into your phone and the other end into a USB port. You'll never have to worry about scrounging through the glove box for a charger cord again.

Yoga Pants / ....or a pair of tennis shoes....or a new workout top...  because, let's be honest, sometimes a new outfit is the motivation we need to go to a class at the gym. I've been happily surprised with the awesome selection of workout clothes that my local TJMaxx carries, but if you're looking for something that's easy to order online, check out this pair of yoga pants from Old Navy.

The "Something to Wear" gift guide will be coming up next week!

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