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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Summer is by far my favorite season, but you've got to give fall some accolades as well. I love that this time of year forces us to slow down and enjoy evenings at home (or maybe it's daylight saving time that does that). Regardless, it's the perfect time to curl up with a new book or blog to read. I'll be sharing some good books I've read later this month. Today, here's a few favorite blogs that I've added to my blog roll recently.



If you want to be inspired by a blog (or, more specifically, a blogger) this is the blog for you. Chelsea Fuss is a lifestyle blogger who let it all go to pursue her dream of working on organic farms in Europe. She sold all her belongings, bought a one-way ticket to Europe and has spent the past year "slow traveling". Is that not the dream?! 

A few posts of hers that I've loved lately:

Funk Digital Media


Funk Digital Media is a marketing agency based out of Los Angelas, California. It's headed up by two talented ladies — Crista Funk and Angela Hamilton. In addition to their huge roster of clients, they also write a blog in their spare time that focuses on just about everything you need to know about marketing. My favorite thing about their blog is that their posts actually tell you something. I can't tell you how many marketing articles I've read that are just full of jargon and non-specific tips. Not these girls! 

A few posts of theirs I've loved lately:

Emily Henderson


Normally, I'm not into big design blogs, but Emily Henderson's humor has won me over. She can make a post about bathroom grout hilarious — and that, my friends, is a natural talent most don't have. Every once in awhile she'll share a Trolling Craigslist post where she'll link to sweet Craigslist finds in different cities. It always sends me on a hunt to find that mint-condition, dirt-cheap mid-century sofa of my dreams. I'm convinced it has to be Emily Henderson doing the search to find steals like that, though.

A few posts of hers I've loved lately:

Jones Design Company


Emily is the force behind the blog Jones Design Company, mama to four kids, and the home decorator and crafter I can only dream of being. I love her decorating style and relatable  way of blogging. Sometimes her tips & tricks make me want to have a face palm moment because why didn't I think of that?! But, seriously, I'm glad there are people like Emily in the world who share those awesome decorating and crafting tips for those of us who seriously struggle with things like that.

A few posts of hers that I've loved lately:

What blogs have you been reading lately? I'd love to hear!

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  1. wow! so sweet! thank you! and i am excited to check out the other blogs on here. emily's is a favorite as well!


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