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Monday, November 23, 2015

Guys, I'm getting so much better at this holiday card thing. It's not even Thanksgiving and I've got them addressed (thanks, free recipient addressing), stamped, tucked in their envelopes and sent on their way through the mail. Before you start rolling your eyes at my not-so-humble bragging, I'll give 100% credit for this feat to Minted. These guys make it so incredibly easy to send a holiday card, it's not even funny. If you want to make it even easier on yourself, skip the photo taking (plus outfit planning, location scouting, photographer acquiring, etc.) and order some of their non-photo holiday cards. 

I really wanted to take some pictures in front of this sweet covered bridge in Watkinsville, Georgia this year, so I twisted Mark's arm to take some photos with me. For weeks I reminded him, "Sunday we're taking pictures for our holiday cards. Remember?" (The more you bring it up, the less exasperated they can act the day of. #marriageadvice). Then Sunday arrived with a high of 40-something and a deluge of rain. I think I saw a hint of a smug smile creep across Mark's face. 

I had made too big of a deal to back out, though, and was determined to get our pictures — soaking wet or not. The wipers slapped double-time on the windshield as we drove out to the bridge. We pulled down the little country road and off to the side....and wouldn't you know the rain let up just like that! Guess who was wearing the smug smile then? :)

All of Minted's cards are created by independent designers which I love! We decided on the Happy! Holiday Photo design by Carrie O'Neal. 

One of the best tips I've heard about ordering cards is to decide on a design before taking your photos. That way, you'll have a better idea of how to set up your photo. I knew I wanted to use this particular design, so I tried my hardest to keep enough space below our feet for the text and I think it turned out perfect. I also stuck with a fall color scheme since I knew we would be sending our cards out around Thanksgiving. I can't believe that it's already the holiday season and sending out our cards makes everything seem so much more festive! 

If you decide to use Minted for your holiday cards this year, make sure to use their Find It Fast feature. It replaces the smiling stock-photo families in the cards with your own photo, so you can find the perfect design faster. Seriously, they make it so easy!

Minted will be offering awesome deals on their holiday cards on Black Friday and Cyber Monday so be sure to check out their selection this week so you can make your purchases later!

P.S. If you're looking for Christmas gifts, I am in love with this custom house print. Wouldn't it make the perfect gift for your parents or a young married couple?!

Minted is a truly awesome company and one I come back to year after year.  I've used affiliate links throughout the post, so if you decide to purchase your holiday cards after clicking on a link, I will receive a small commission. Thanks for letting me share!

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