Taking Stock - November Edition

Monday, November 09, 2015


Getting used to this weird thing called daylight saving time. Last week, Mark and I were in bed before eight because we were sure it had to be bedtime already but nope it's just that dark that early.

Lighting candles all the time. It's been a full week of clouds, rain, and all around fall-like weather. So candles it is.

Reading Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel (because this girl got a library card!)

Wearing oversized scarves like this one. I'm also all about the sweater dresses lately. Throw one of those on with a pair of leggings and you're basically fooling everyone into thinking you're dressed when really you're just wearing fancy pajamas.

Thinking about Christmas and then quickly banishing the thought. But really...there's only 45 days left?!

Adding some variety into my yoga videos. I was a staunch Yoga with Adriene follower, but lately I've been enjoying videos from this gal and this one too.

Loving this conditioner. If there is such a thing as hair being too soft, then this conditioner can definitely achieve it.

Craving a cheese ball. I can tell it's almost Thanksgiving.

Denying that it's almost freaking Thanksgiving!

Searching for crochet patterns. I've got a basket full of yarn calling my name.

Coloring like an obsessed child because adult coloring books. I picked up this one at the book store last week.

P.S. You can see previous Taking Stock posts here. It's fun to look back through these posts sometimes and see how much things have changed...and also how much they've stayed the same.

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