What Exactly Does an Operations Supervisor Do?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This is the sixth installment in the career series. Instead of tossing around vague industry titles, we're diving into the day-to-day activities of a few talented ladies in different industries and getting the nitty gritty on what exactly it is they do all day. Today, I'm excited to welcome Lana of Newman's Nest. Lana has a job that I think we've all dreamed of at one point or another. What girl doesn't want to work at Anthropologie?! Here's her story...


My dream job has always been to help design retail window displays or store layouts/merchandising. I never thought I would actually get to take part in either of those since it seems like they are just that — dream jobs! Last December, I graduated with my marketing degree because I figured a marketing job would get me somewhere close to my dream. Little did I know I would actually get to take part in a little of both!


I started working full time at Anthropologie in June and have been having fun since! While my job isn't a part of the visual team, I did have the privilege of filling in on the merchandising team for a month while a coworker was out. Ever since then, I have been handed a few extra visual tasks, which have been so rewarding! Here's what my job mainly consists of:

Leading Sales Associates
This part is the majority of my job and is simply managing the sales force out on the floor. It also is about keeping the energy up with the employees so everyone is happy and having fun!

Form Styling
Pretty self-explanatory, but the store has 15 mannequins and we try to style each with an outfit that will speak to the customers and also showcase the class focuses of the week. This is my favorite task, obviously!


Manage Social Media
The platform we focus on is Instagram — each store has their own profile. I head up this task with another employee, Kati, and we get to have a lot of fun styling photoshoots and whatnot!

As an operations supervisors there are some other necessary tasks like closing the store, sending out damages, and ordering supplies for the store but those aren't quite as fun to talk about as the creative aspect! I have learned the job is really all about helping to keep the store run smoothly and work as a part of a team to do so. And I sure enjoy it!


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  1. I've been anxiously awaiting Lana's post! I love following her on Instagram and have been dying to hear what her job entails. Haha! You know me, if it's Anthropologie... Loving this series, btw!


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