December's List

Wednesday, December 02, 2015


December is going to be a fun month. We're traveling to Virginia mid-month to hang out with my crazy family through the Christmas holiday and I'll also get to see all my Richmond co-workers again! Best of all, (no offense to the family and coworkers) I'll get to eat my fill of Sugar Shack doughnuts. I can't wait! We've only been gone from Virginia for 5 months, but if I had a Sugar Shack doughnut for every time I've said, "I wish I had a Sugar Shack doughnut" I'd be a fat & very happy girl by now. This month's goals are mostly about maintaining good habits (besides the eating doughnuts part). I recently started going to a donations-based yoga studio here in Athens and have loved the variety in each class. Practicing yoga every morning has made a huge difference in my day, but actually getting out of the house and working out with other people has been even better. I like going several times during the week, but I've set the bar low this month since I know things are going to get pretty crazy around the holidays. Anyone know of a great yoga studio in Richmond to try?

1. Go to a yoga class every week.
2. Take a hike (or at least a very long walk).
3. Read at least four books. Thisthis, and this are on my list.
4. Indulge in all that good Richmond food (cinnamon sugar doughnuts from Sugar Shack! crab pizza from Bottoms Up!)
5. Counterbalance all that food with lots of water this month. I'm going to try using this app again.
6. Write more. Angela's posts on journaling have inspired me.
7. Be intentional about keeping the house clean.
8. Do all those grown-up errands I've been putting off for too long (like going to the DMV - ugh!).
9. Finish the blanket I'm working on.
10. Maintain a healthy morning routine, even while we're traveling.

Happy December!

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