Our Thanksgiving (It's Over Already?!)

Tuesday, December 01, 2015


It was hard to drag myself to work yesterday instead of back to my trusty spot on the couch where I've mostly spent the last four days of the Thanksgiving holiday. Can we talk for a minute about how great this holiday is/was? I don't care what your favorite holiday is, you've got to give Thanksgiving its due. First of all, it falls on a Thursday which automatically means a four-day weekend. Second, it is considered perfectly acceptable to lounge around for all four of those days and only get up to eat more leftovers. Throw in a few naps, lots of family time, and some competitive rounds of Phase 10 and you've got the perfect holiday. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving, though, (besides the stuffing and pie) is that it kicks off the holiday season. Even though it's over, there's still the anticipation of another holiday vacation coming up in just three more weeks! Also, people are nicer this time of year. Have you noticed it?

Our Thanksgiving couldn't have been any better. We had dinner at my in-laws home on Thursday and I made these adorable place cards for everyone's plate. A craft! I know. The instructions said to use leaves, but I stuck with cardstock instead and think they turned out just as cute. If you'd like to make some yourself, you can download the template here. I think they would look really cute in silver or gold cardstock for a Christmas dinner.

thanksgiving table

I was excited to try my hand at a chocolate pie this year, but it didn't turn out as great as I had hoped. I forgot to use whole milk, so maybe that was it? The sweet potato casserole, on the other hand, was a huge hit. I may make another one this week now that my sister has shared with me the secret to cooking sweet potatoes. Wanna hear it?

A crock pot! Wrap those babies in aluminum foil, load them into your crock pot, and let them cook while you're busy doing other stuff. They're all sweet, steamy, and ready to go when you come back to them in a couple hours. Please tell me I'm not the last person to learn this trick.


After spending all morning cooking and all afternoon eating, a couch nap felt just right. Mark and his little cousin terrorized the squirrels while we girls succumbed to the turkey coma.

We spent our Black Friday at home, sleeping in and enjoying the 70 degree weather. My sister was in town so she helped me rearrange my living room furniture (something I am horrible at) and hang all my winter garlands and greenery. It looks so festive and cozy around here now and made me feel even better about snuggling up on the couch for hours. :)

On Saturday, both of my sisters and I drove to Atlanta to check out a few stores. We thought we would regret driving into Atlanta the day after Black Friday, but it was actually way better than we expected. The weather was absolutely perfect. Every store had their door thrown open and we made sure to find a patio table to enjoy our lunch. It was so funny to see every store stocked for Christmas with snowflakes and scarves galore while everyone walked around in shirt sleeves and sunglasses. I'm not mad about this warm weather streak one little bit.


After everyone had left Sunday afternoon, I pulled out my basket of yarn and started a new crocheting project while watching a few shows on Hulu. I'm a little bummed the holiday is over (and stayed up way too late Sunday night in an effort to prevent Monday from coming. If you don't go to sleep, the weekend won't end....or something like that), but it was a cozy way to close out the holiday.

Let the countdown to the next holiday feast begin!

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  1. The Thanksgiving table was so cute! I absolutely love the patterned napkins. Happy Holidays!!

    XO, http://danyellbailey.com

  2. Thank you, Danyell! Those are actually from our wedding two years ago. They have received so much use since then and have such sweet memories attached!


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