A Virginia Christmas

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

It rained the majority of the time we were home for Christmas, so much so that I took my Christmas money and spent it on a rain jacket. It was a timely gift to myself since it has rained almost steadily ever since. Because of all the rain, I didn't get very many photos while we were in Virginia. Thankfully, on our last day there the sun decided to come out of hiding and we were able to take a walk around one of my favorite places in Richmond. (You've probably heard me talk about Hollywood Cemetery in this post and this one too.) It was a gorgeous warm day and it was hard to believe that we were in this exact same spot on New Year's Day last year, but freezing our buns off instead of bare legged and wearing sunglasses!

Also, it deserves to be mentioned how glad I am to have a husband who lets me drag him out to cemeteries just for fun. :) It is such a gorgeous place to stroll around when it's too beautiful to stay indoors. They were working on restoring a few of the granite monuments there and it was neat to see the crazy intricate details that go into preserving history like that. I've said it before, but if you're ever in the Richmond area, it really is a must-see. You can check out the list of famous people buried in the cemetery on their website.


Some other highlights of our trip: trying out Lunch for the first time (the chicken & waffles were amazing!), shopping in Short Pump and Carytown, playing multiple rounds of Phase 10, eating key lime cheesecake (although Mark will argue that the Godiva chocolate cheesecake is better), spending time with my hilarious coworkers, getting to visit my grandfather (and listening to him describe the benefits of his flip phone :), finding the prettiest pair of Madewell boots in my size on consignment, trying out a blow dry bar, and spending time with my crazy family. 


I hope you all had a happy Christmas and New Year's!

P.S. You may also enjoy this Richmond City Guide.

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