Favorite Podcast Episodes (As of Late)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I never thought I would become the person who can name off podcast hosts by name and who rapidly downloads as many as possible before getting in the car. Truth is, I have become that person and it's mainly thanks to the fact that podcasts have gotten so good lately! I've been turning them on while working, after I get tired of my playlists and need something else to fill the silence. Here are a few episodes that I've really enjoyed lately.

Episode: In New Orleans: How to Get Elected CoronerLiving Alone, One Year LaterConfessions of a Nashville Power Couple
Podcast: Death, Sex, and Money
Why I liked it: I've read that Anna Sale, the reporter behind Death, Sex, and Money, is poised to become the next Teri Gross and I can totally see that happening. I love the stories she finds to showcase, as well as her calm, even tone throughout each interview. I've listed some of my favorites above, but really they've all been great so it doesn't really matter which one you choose to listen to. Highly recommend.

Episode: How Lizzie Borden Worked
Podcast: Stuff You Should Know
Why I liked it: I have always been a sucker for a good conspiracy theory (ever since I gave a report on Kennedy's assassination in college, actually) and since watching Making a Murderer, I'm all about a good whodunnit scenario. This episode is a great compilation of history, mystery, fun facts and a smidge of conspiracy.

Episode: On Growing a Business Organically
Podcast: Elise Gets Crafty
Why I liked it: Elise always has real-life people onto her show who have done real-life things and have real-life advice to give. It's so down to earth and helpful, even if you're not in the same field as some of these experts. The general theme of this episode was Show up, do the work, and amazing things will happen. I think that's a reminder we could all do with every now and then.

Episode: All of them
Podcast: Serial
Why I like it: Sarah Koenig knows how to tell a story! I (as well as all of America, I think) was obsessed with the first season of Serial and the second season is doing a great job living up to its standard. It is completely and totally different from the first season, but the story of Beau Bergdahl is interesting in its own right. I know this podcast probably won't find out everything that happened and why, but I think it says a lot when it can't give you all the answers but you still listen obsessively anyway. Highly recommend.

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