For the love of January

Monday, January 25, 2016

January has flown by and, despite the two weeks worth of sickness that descended upon our house, I have liked this month. It has been just the right amount of cozy after a very mild December. I love that January sort of forces us to start the new year in a slower mode. All of my Richmond friends are snowed under right now and, while we've just been getting a lot of rain, there's still a feeling of hibernation going around the state of Georgia. Here are a few things that I've been loving this month:

One / to make the whole house smell like an Anthropologie store
Two  / to help these poor pitiful hands of mine
Three / for a fun way to track time
Four / to help with that dry winter air
Five / for the perfect excuse to crawl into bed earlier at night
Six / to brighten up the house during these dreary winter days
Seven / to make a blanket out of giant yarn while simultaneously keeping myself warm
Eight / for rollicking winter nights

P.S. I think it deserves to be noted that this little collage was my first venture in the land of Photoshop and, although it's a bit rough around the edges, I am quite proud of my newfound skills! And also my patient husband who showed me a million shortcuts after I spent an hour doing it the hard way.

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