Last Week's Notes 1.18.16

Monday, January 18, 2016

Last week was a doozy from start to finish. It started on Sunday night when Mark and I were both up most of the night sick...and it was all mostly downhill from there. We spent this whole weekend laying low and playing Skip-Bo in our NyQuil-induced haze. Somehow, the whole house and the fridge got cleaned, not an easy feat when you're both sick. Thank goodness for an awesome husband who helps clean the house and fix the vacuum when it's angrily spitting dirt at me. The good news is I think we're both on the mend now and there's nothing like starting a new week with a freshly cleaned house! Here's hoping for a happy, healthy, and productive week.

Here are a few links that were meant to be posted on Friday:

This post on how to use Craigslist to decorate your home is incredibly helpful. How have I never known about the sidebar before?!

A home style that's right up my alley.

Have you heard about Sarah's Network of Nice? She posts new listings every month.

I grouped all of my reads under the hashtag #heywhitneyreads if you're looking for a book recommendation.

The decorating solution for big, empty walls. Genius!

I took this shorter version of the Meyers-Briggs test over the weekend. I had no idea that Kate Middleton is a fellow ISFJ!

Science has proved that list-makers are more productive. Well, duh.
Here's why: Most people can only hold four things in their mind at a time. (And let's be real, you probably have way more than four things to do today). List-making takes that mental juggling out of the picture.

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