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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Perfect Twist by Debbie Carlos

We put together a small gallery wall last weekend and I only need two more prints to fill it up. I've been diving down the Etsy rabbit hole of cute print shops this week and have found so many cute prints and paintings! These six prints are sold in various price ranges, from I need to buy that right this minute to I will never be able to afford that but a girl can dream.

The large-scale engineer prints by Debbie Carlos (pictured above) are some of my favorites because they're so simple but they make such a big statement. And for $50, too!

Hair Art by Elizabeth Mayville

I love these prints by Elizabeth Mayville. She has so many different versions and some of them remind me so much of pretty ladies I know. I think they would make the best birthday gifts!

Someone told me about de Ann Designs after my last post about art for the home and I had to go check her out. I love the soft colors and country vibes.

Doesn't this handsome face deserve a spot in your home? Hayley Gaberlavage's portraits are to-die for. 

Thumbs Up by Strawberry Moth

I love just about everything from this Etsy shop (check out their pendant banners!) but this thumbs-up print is the exact kind of happy-go-lucky vibe I want in my house. 

Virginia by Fybur

Hello, home state! I had a hard time choosing just one favorite from this shop. I especially love their mid-century style prints. So much goodness here, you should definitely check them out!

See more of my favorite art and prints here

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  1. I really wish I'd never seen Gil. Now I don't know how my living room will ever live up to my expectations without him. 😅


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