Taking Stock - January Edition

Monday, January 11, 2016


Loving using the loom my talented husband made for me. Our house is covered in yarn scraps and the walls are slowly getting covered in weavings. 1970, here we come!

Watching Making a Murderer. I basically binged on this show over the whole New Year's weekend. Still torn on how I feel about it. Do you think he did it?

Reading The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith. I was in the mood for a series, so I'm excited to work my way through this one.

Eating cream of wheat for breakfast. It was a wintertime staple when I was growing up. I tried to get Mark to eat it, but he said it tasted like I had drizzled honey over sand and called it food. Ha!

Listening to lots of podcasts lately. I'm hoping to share a post on some of my favorite episodes very soon. As always, Serial is riveting.

Cooking at home more often. I'm cool with hanging out in my warm kitchen on these cold winter nights, plus it helps me with my goal of eating healthier. Having a meal plan in place this past week has done wonders!

Applying lotion constantly. After a warm, humid December, my hands don't know what to do with this frigid weather.

Working next to the space heater Mark got me for Christmas. He knows me well. :)

Walking every day and trying to squeeze at least 10 minutes of yoga into my morning.

Purging my Instagram feed. Do you ever suddenly realize how many accounts you're following that you just mindlessly scroll by without even looking at the photos? I had that realization over the weekend and went on an unfollowing binge.

Struggling with my goal of getting better at mornings. I'm still working at it, but these cold, dark mornings aren't doing me any favors.

Chopping salads to eat for lunch.

Realizing that for the first time in awhile I'm not counting down the days until something (trips home, Christmas, New Years, etc). I love the anticipation of looking forward to something, but for now it feels good to just be. 

Writing a lot more than I had been. I had hoped to get better at journaling in the new year, but instead I've just been opening a new post in blogger and dumping out everything in my brain. I'm hoping all these drafts will be salvageable when I go to edit them!

Here is last year's Taking Stock post, if you'd like to see. It's funny how much things have changed and yet how much they've stayed exactly the same. 

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  1. I've had "The Cuckoo's Calling" on my to read list. What are your thoughts on the series so far?


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