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Monday, February 29, 2016

I recently read an article with the best Pinterest tip I've heard in a long time. I thought it sounded like a smart idea so I tried it out myself! Here's how it goes:

Instead of pinning outfits that you'll probably never wear (or never afford), use Pinterest as a tool to help you use what you already have. I know I'm not the only one who has stood in front of the closet, completely disgusted with my lack of things to wear despite the bursting rack of clothes before me. Caroline solved this problem by letting Pinterest tell her what to wear.

Here's how to do it:

+ Pick one item out of your closet (sweater, skirt, pants, etc.)
+ Type that item into the Pinterest search bar and add the word "outfit"
+ Use the results to plan your outfit that day. You'll be surprised how many outfit variations you actually have already!

I gave it a shot for a few days last week and my closet felt completely new again. It was exactly the burst of inspiration I needed to quit wearing yoga pants all day. Funny enough, I received compliments on my outfits on both days that I tried this little trick, so there's gotta be something to it! :)

On the first day, I searched for "chunky cardigan outfit". Here are a few results that inspired my outfit:

one / twothree

I pulled an forgotten striped shirt from the back of my closet, paired it with my favorite emerald green chunky cardigan, my trusty ankle boots, and voila! An easy peasy (warm!) outfit for the day.

The next day I got really brave and tried to find a way to wear some summer maxi skirts in the dead of winter. Here's what I came up with when searching for "winter maxi skirt outfit":

one / two / three

This one was a huge favorite of mine because it got me out of the jeans rut, but it was also incredibly comfortable. Obviously, I need to start putting more of an effort into my outfits because Mark came home that day and asked what I was all dressed up for. *face palm*

Lastly, I used this little Pinterest trick before making a recent purchase. I've been eyeing the slip-on tennis shoe trend and wanting to get a pair for myself, but never was quite ready to pull the trigger. I liked the way they looked in photos but wasn't sure how well I could pull them off with outfits. So, Pinterest! A quick search online and I was convinced that I would be able to wear them with a huge variety of outfits: gym, jeans, and dresses! I bought this pair during Nordstrom's winter sale, but they're not quite right so the search is still on. I really loved ordering from Nordstrom, though (their shipping and return policies are great!) so I'm hoping to find another pair there soon.

one / two / three

You can trust that I will still be using Pinterest to create useless boards (like this one and this one) and pinning clothes that are way out of my price range, but this useful little way of using Pinterest is a great trick to have in your hat. Especially if you're like me and forever getting stuck in the boring outfit rut.

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