Taking Stock - February '16

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Crocheting all.the.time. I went a little overboard with my measuring for the blanket I'm currently working on and it has quickly graduated from a throw to something closer to the bedspread category. Whoops!

Sticking to a budget this month. We're using Every Dollar which is super easy to use and also comes as an app so I can easily keep track of things.

Driving around Athens with Mark on Sunday afternoons for cheap entertainment (because see above). Sometimes we'll splurge and get a $1 ice cream cone from the McDonalds drive-thru. Living large!

Watching The Lizzie Borden Chronicles with Mark. We've become obsessed with this crazy show and I love the soundtrack. I've also been watching Ripper Street on Netflix. Mark's not into it, but those London accents get me every time.

Squeezing in sweet baby niece snuggles whenever I can.

Celebrating my birthday at one of my favorite BBQ restaurants and with my favorite "birthday cake" (aka apple pie).

Using A Color Story app to edit my photos. Have I gone overboard with the sunbeams lately? ;)

Cooking potato & corn chowder in my crock pot. A few minutes of chopping potatoes in the morning and a week's worth of dinner and lunches is done!

Scouting Joann's and Michael's for yarn sales. Pretty yarn on sale is probably one of my favorite things right now.

Playing around with my calligraphy pen. I'm still learning how to use it properly but I would looovve to be able to whip out some awesome lettering one of these days.

Listening to NPR One on my phone. Sometimes I miss listening to the radio during morning/evening commutes, but having this baby on my phone makes up for it.

Re-organizing all the apps on my phone. I get this nerdy urge every few months to rearrange the apps by category/use and I feel surprisingly productive afterwards.

Waiting for the weekend. It has felt like a very long week around here and I'm ready for a lazy weekend morning with no plans to speak of except weaving and soaking up some sunshine.

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