This Week's Notes 2.12.16

Friday, February 12, 2016

snow boots

Three things that made me happy this week:
  • A small bit of snow that could probably be considered blizzard status here in the South. The snowflakes were thick enough to turn everything white for a few hours, but the temperature was warm enough so that nothing stuck. The perfect snow day!
  • Working on several craft projects. I actually had a moment this week where I was stumped which one to work on first. Pigs really do fly, people.
  • Finishing the second book in the Cormoran Strike series. Not because it was a bad book, but because I'm ready to dive into the stack that has been patiently waiting on my nightstand.
  • This song
  • Taking a Sunday afternoon drive. I was sick at the beginning of this week and having major cabin fever. We hit the McDonald's drive-thru for ice cream cones and drove around some backroads in the sunshine. Perfect (and very cheap) date adventure!
My sister is coming to town in a couple weeks and I'm hoping we can explore some of the places on this list: Coolest New Businesses in Atlanta (especially Revolution Doughnuts! I haven't found a Sugar Shack replacement yet.)

Have you heard of spite houses? They're kind of hilarious and really cute too!

I just started following this blog's home renovations and their wallpapered laundry room has me all heart-eyed over here. Ostriches!

Anthropologie is having a sale on their sale section and if I wasn't penny-pinching like crazy right now, I would totally get this drapey white tee and this comfy-looking turtleneck.

In case you missed it, here's what went down on the blog this week:

I did a little research and found the warmest places to visit in February. Can you say spring fever?!

Mark and I have started looking for a house to buy and, oh boy, is it an adventure.

Instagram launched a new feature that I have been waiting for forever. Here's how you can get it too.

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  1. We have a spite house in our town! Its builder didn't want Court Street to extend any further so he built a little house in its way! haha!


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