This Week's Notes 2.26.16

Friday, February 26, 2016

green wall
An interesting wall spotted during our recent trip to Greenville

Five things that made me happy this week:
  • Triple Brownie ice cream. If you're looking for a great flavor of ice cream on the cheap (surely not just me?), try this brand from Kroger. It's delicious!!
  • Thrift store shopping. I found a really cool marble utensil holder to hold all my wooden spoons, but what I really wanted was to spend all my money on vintage brass figurines (like this adorable little seal). Although, now I want to go back and buy it because it was pennies compared to that price!
  • Weekend plans (the whole fam-jam is coming to town!) and it's supposed to be gorgeous weather too.
  • A clean house. When I was little, we had a few baby calves and whenever their stalls were filled with fresh hay, they would jump around manically, kicking their heels together. That's how I feel with a freshly cleaned house. Ha! I just hop from room to room, thinking "ahhhhh!"
  • Speaking of freshening things up, the blog got a minor makeover yesterday. Still very minimalist with lots of neutral colors, but just the face-lift I was going for!
Have a great weekend! Here are a few things I bookmarked this week:

The Smithsonian unveiled a presidential portrait of Frank Underwood and Kevin Spacey showed up in character!

Do you prefer a leather sofa to fabric? I've always been a fan of fabric, but lately I've been leaning in the other direction.

Doughnut muffins. Yes please!

I loved reading Emily Henderson's post about window film. That's what my husband does for a living!

A huge post of at-home yoga practice resources. I've fallen out of the habit of practicing yoga lately and really want to get back into it.

This is on my list of recipes to try this weekend.

I want to watch this Oscar-nominated movie because journalism + Rachel McAdams! Have you seen it?

And, in case you missed it, here's what went down on the blog this week:

Some pretty things that I've been eyeing this month.

The projects I've been working on this winter.

A day trip to a new-to-us city: Greenville, SC

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