Winter Projects

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


 I have honestly never done as many crafts in my life as I have this past year. I've never considered myself a crafty person and would turn up my nose at the thought of shopping at Joann's before. I still don't consider myself a very crafty person, but somewhere along the line I fell in love with the process of making. True makers would be ashamed of my sloppy crafting - I hate measuring and planning. I don't take enough time to think a project through and I usually hurry over my mistakes thinking psh! no one will even see that. I enjoy the process more than the perfection of a finished product. To me, the repetition of weaving over and under, looping yarn with my crochet hook or pulling stitches through fabric is the most enjoyable part. Ending up with a creation that actually resembles something is icing on the cake.

It's been fun having a few projects to keep my hands busy this winter.  I am not above going full-on hibernation mode during the winter months and working from home makes it even easier to settle in and only leave the house on a desperate need basis (like getting more yarn from Joann's). Most of these side projects are still in the works, but hopefully I'll have some finished pretties to share soon.

What kind of projects do you like to dive into during the winter months? I want to try my hand at cross stitching next!

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