Hashtag Favorites, v.4

Monday, March 14, 2016

I'm resurrecting an old blog series that I've missed lately. Hashtag Favorites is back for volume four! Can you catch a theme going on with the photos below? My current favorite hashtags seem to have a lot to do with spring and florals. :)

#aquietstyle: Emma of A Quiet Style blog created this hashtag to celebrate the simple, quiet moments and, in her words "bring a bit of quiet to your day". I love the simplicity of this feed and there seems like no better time than the start of spring to enjoy the simple things. You can read more about the story behind this hashtag here.

#fridayfacelessportrait: The gal behind this hashtag, Sarah-Lou of LapinBlu, started this project as a way of getting her creativity back. I loved what she had to say about it, "I'm fascinated by the potential of a portrait that does not include the full face. To my mind, these can sometimes tell the story of a person or a moment more deeply — they are intentional, often thoughtful, and there is somehow more room for interpretation within the image that causes us to look a little harder." You can read more about the project here.

photo sources: @historicalphx / @rustbeltanthro / @anamphoto77 / @whitpix77

#thepostalproject: Two guys from Atlanta started The Postal Project after seeing unique small town post offices throughout Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. The project has now expanded to the whole United States with fellow Instagrammers submitting photos of their town's post offices from all around the nation. I love how well most post offices reflect the culture of their cities. One of these days, I need to share a photo of the minuscule post office in our town! Read more about the project here.

photo sources: @randomolive / @e.marie.anderson / @heceme / @stephpellett

#blueskyblooms: I think one of my favorite things about hashtags is they help to organize things so neatly. (OCD Alert!) Elise started #blueskyblooms after taking similar pictures on all of her walks and needing a hashtag to group them all under. As you can imagine, the hashtag instantly exploded because we all take pictures like this! Now Elise is turning some of her favorite #blueskyblooms photos into embroidered art. How cool is that?!

What are some of your favorite hashtags to follow/use?

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