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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

watson mill

February always seems like the longest, hardest month of winter and while it hasn't seemed quite so bad this year, I still feel like I'm just now emerging from a self-imposed hibernation mode. It's a little easier to get up in the mornings, the sun stays out for an extra hour in the evenings, and wool socks are no longer required footwear. Plus with the string of warm temps this week, it feels like the worst of winter is finally behind us. Now, please, go knock on every piece of wood you can find.

My whole family was in town this past weekend for a visit and we packed a whole lot of things into a few short days. It was made even better by the gorgeous weather. (Sidenote: Remember when I made a promise to not talk about the weather this winter? That rule does not apply to warm weather. I'll be singing its praises 'til the end of time. #sorrynotsorry)

Some highlights were eating fried chicken at The Place in downtown Athens (my sister has been telling me about it for ages, but this was my first time going. It's definitely worth a repeat trip.), seeing Drake White at The Foundry, picnicking at Watson Mill State Park, running around barefoot with a frisbee, eating the most delicious chocolate espresso cake from Transmetroplitan, and having a huge Sunday lunch with both sides of the family.

watson mill river
boys at watson mill
rapids at watson mill
watson mill
watson mill
the place
downtown athens

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  1. Awwwwww A and M match, how cute lol :)


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