Over the Weekend / Jeni's Ice Cream, the Beltline, & A Not-So-Perfect House

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It was a busy weekend. Mark had to work Saturday morning in Atlanta and you know I won't skip out on a day trip to the city, so I bee-bopped down there as well to meet him after work. We ate lunch at Antico's with his parents (#bestpizzainATL) and then spent the afternoon walking on the Beltline, topped off with some Jeni's ice cream at Krog Street Market (pistachio, honey, and sweet cream flavors for me!). It was the perfect way to spend a summer-like Saturday.

Saturday night I opened the realtor app to browse houses (an almost hourly occurrence these days) and literally gasped at the cutest 1955 mid-century modern home staring back at me in our price range! We made plans to look at it the next day and, although I know I know I know you can't get your hopes up in this process, my mind was exploding the millions of possibilities for fixing this baby up. I spent the drive to the house running through everything from kitchen remodels to patio expansions to closing costs and timeframes.....only to arrive at the house and immediately see that the cons seriously outweighed all the pros of this cute house. It sucked walking through it and seeing all of its retro goodness and knowing that it wasn't going to work. I've said it before and I'll say it again: trying to buy a house is the craziest roller-coaster ride of emotions. We consoled ourselves with more ice cream on the ride home and the hope that there's gotta be something out there that meets all our criteria for a house. Holding on to the dream of one day...

In other weekend news, the time shift has turned me into a morning zombie. It doesn't help that I can't get to bed earlier because my body is still on the old time. (By the way, this calculator will tell you how much sleep you've lost in your lifetime thanks to Daylight Saving Time. You know...in case that's ever something you've wondered about). Thankfully, Athens has been having the best weather lately so that extra hour of sunlight more than makes up for the groggy mornings.

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