Over the Weekend / A Quick Trip to Florida

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Living in Virginia, we were a lot closer to the ocean than we are now which meant a lot of day trips to Virginia Beach. But, even though we're a lot farther from the ocean now, Georgia's got this really great thing going for it - it's only a short drive away from Florida! It's still a little too far away for a day trip to the beach but whenever we've got a few extra days, it's the perfect weekend destination! 

We hopped down to St. Augustine, Florida on one of the prettiest weekends we've had so far and it was just what my spring feverish heart needed. 

St. Augustine is easily one of my favorite Florida cities, although I honestly haven't been to that many. Still, I think you would be hard pressed to find a more picturesque place than this historic town. We had plans to just walk around the city, eat some popsicles, and check out the beach but we ended up crossing the Bridge of Lions and spending the entire day in Anastasia State Park.

Mark was looking for a more secluded beach where he could fly his kite and snap some aerial photos of St. Augustine from the beach. The park was perfect. We took a lonnggg walk to the top edge of the island, propped up our chairs, sent up the kite, and just chilled for several hours. It was just warm enough to bask in the sun without getting cold from the ocean wind. We stayed until high tide and then had to trek back in the fluffy part of the sand. My poor calves were crying, but my fitbit was very happy. ;)

We ended the day by eating all the fried shrimp and hushpuppies our bellies could hold at Beaches at Vilano. It was the perfect taste of summer squeezed into a quick trip!

Some past St. Augustine trips here and here, if you'd like to see.

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  1. Ah that looks perfect! One of my favorite beaches in Georgia is Tybee Island near Savannah. Also St George Island in Florida is great! Mark and I always forget how close were are to the coast here in Maryland, because the town we live in is so mountainous. But Annapolis and Ocean City are just a short drive away!

    1. LOVE Tybee Island! That's where Mark and I had our first date :)


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