Blood Mountain Hike

Thursday, April 14, 2016

We had hoped to start going on a few more hikes now that the weather is warmer, but after a iffy report from the weatherman we decided to stay home. Turns out, the weatherman got it wrong and Saturday was a gorgeously clear day to go hiking in North Georgia. It only took us 10 minutes to change our plans for a laid-back Saturday and hop in the truck to drive to the mountains. Technically, we didn't hike Blood Mountain (saving that for another day), but we trekked through the Blood Mountain Wilderness, past Preacher's Rock, and to the prettiest clearing with views across the mountains.  

We also got to walk on parts of the Appalachian Trail for awhile which was really neat, although it really looks no different than other parts of the trail. There were several people camped out at Woody Gap waiting for hikers coming down the Appalachian and I tried to imagine walking the entire thing as I huffed and puffed on our moderate 30-minute hike. I've got a long ways to go to get to that category, but I did set a new record on my fitbit. Haha! 

Spring has been so pretty lately here, but you can tell that winter's not far gone in the mountains. I would love to hike it again once all the trees have leaved out. Our goal is to hike across Blood Mountain (essentially starting at the opposite side than we did this time) and into the Blood Mountain Wilderness. I think it would be fun, even if I'm always the person yelling wait up! as I stop for another gulp of air. :)

What are some of your favorite mountains to hike? I'd love to check out some of these hikes, although I wouldn't be thrilled about hiking out at dark. 

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  1. Some of my favorite Georgia hikes were at Panther Creek and Lake Russell. They are relatively simple hikes-- but both have pretty water features. Mark and I used to hike Panther Creek all the time.


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