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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hello! Life got busy and blogging got forgotten for awhile there, but tonight I'm sitting down to write some posts. It's funny that the times when I'm too busy to blog is usually when I want to do it the most. Sadly, it's nothing terribly exciting that I'm busy with. Work is hectic right now since one of my coworkers is going out on maternity leave so I'm helping handle some of her accounts while she's gone. The house hunt is still going on, but nothing is happening on that front lately. So it's just a lot of working (mainly), cleaning house, grocery shopping, avoiding laundry, evening walks, and sleeping with the windows open at night. That's about it. I haven't even had time to pick up a book or watch a movie. (I tried the other night and promptly fell asleep).

But the good news is these non-exciting, exhausting days still make me really happy. I'm glad for that overwhelming sense sometimes that life is exactly as it should be (even if I don't have time to share it on the blog or social media). We spend a lot of our free time just chilling at home while the Oak Ridge Boys croon "Elvira" at us from the record player. And even though there's still times when we get really frustrated with all the dead-ends of house hunting, or I get really tired of being cooped up at the house all week - it's still summertime and it's beautiful outside and we're having BLTs again for supper tonight. Alls right in our little world.

Have a happy week!

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