Over the Weekend / To Market, To Market...

Monday, April 04, 2016

This weekend was the kick-off of the Athens Farmers Market and I was determined to go after trying unsuccessfully to get there all last season. I was on a mission to find fresh strawberries, but sadly they didn't have any (or had already sold out — I'm not the best at getting to markets early on a Saturday). But the fresh veggies and live music made me have all the happy spring vibes. Especially the gorgeous bundles of ranunculuses. I wanted to buy them all!

We stopped by Ike & Jane for some breakfast on our way to the next market — this one of the flea variety. I was craving Sugar Shack donuts (ahh, Richmond, I miss you!) or a close equivalent but I can never seem to get to Ike & Jane before they sell out in the mornings. Again, with the not getting up early enough on a Saturday. Luckily, they still had plenty of cinnamon buns in stock and when you can't have Sugar Shack, a sugary cinnamon bun is the next best thing. 

Next stop was the flea market where I managed to score four records (including some awesome Sam Cooke originals). It was the perfect nudge to finally unpack our record player when we got home, but sadly it looks like the old thing has bit the dust. Now I'm on an urgent mission to find a new record player so I can listen to these gems. Any suggestions/recommendations are welcome!  


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