The House We Almost Bought

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We came this-close to buying a house last week...but we didn't. Someone else swooped in at the very last minute with a higher offer and we were left taking a deep breath and saying "Oh well". It was a 1950s ranch that had been completely remodeled in the area that we really wanted to be in. It was a bit more updated than what we were looking for, but that was an easy sell since it meant we could spend our "fixer-upper" money on cosmetic things rather than ripping out carpet and paneling. Best of all, it had a full basement which was one of our must-have items. We had no idea how difficult it was going to be to find a house with a basement. I'm not sure if it has to do with the era house we're looking for or the area, but it has been almost impossible.

I'm learning that house buying is all about hopping the hurdle that's right in front of you without worrying too much about the hurdles down the road. There's the first hurdle of actually finding the house, then the hurdle of getting your offer accepted, then another hurdle of dealing with inspection and issues, then actually getting a loan approved to buy the house. It's one really-big, very-important thing after another and thinking about them all too much gets overwhelming very fast.

That said, I'm glad we got farther in the process than we've ever been before -- even if it resulted in a rejected offer. I already had azalea bushes planted under those front bedroom windows and we had both planned out our backyard fireplace and patio, complete with string lights and a succulent wall. But, for now, we'll just gather up our ideas and save them for the next house that comes along. Hopefully, we can jump a few more hurdles next time!

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