Things I Would Buy If We Weren't On a Budget

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Oh, the things I would buy if we weren't trying to stick to a tight budget right now. The list grows daily and, while I've managed to be good for the most part, it's still not an easy task to resist. My strategy when I see something I really want is to hold off for a week or two. If I still really want it, then I can reconsider buying it. Most times though, I talk myself out of it because, you know, #adulting.

1. All the ranunculus in the Trader Joe's flower section
2. These black leather Vans. I've been drooling over them for ages now.
3. A linen bedspread
4. This sofa (or maybe this one...or this one)
5. Chinese takeout for dinner tonight
6. A barre class subscription
7. All those cute dresses I tried on in TJMaxx and then hung back on the rack
8. These peep toe booties
9. A beach vacation
10. Succulents, always more succulents

This entire list is made up of frou-frou items that I don't need and probably won't care about at all in 10 years time. But they all seem so perfect and — most importantly —  needful when I'm standing in the store looking at them, thinking how stupid a budget is. But that's what blogs are for, right? To list out all the unnecessary things our heart desires so we can then go back to living real life — full of budgeting and grown-up things like saving for a house.

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  1. well you definitely need those Vans :) and to replace chinese takeout, we've been getting the cauliflower rice + orange chicken from Trader Joe's and it's like a nice little replacement, for cheaper and I assume a little bit healthier!

    1. Mmm...that sounds good! I'll have to dash past the flower section to get some. :)

  2. Fresh flowers are always my downfall as well. Especially peonies and hydrangeas. I use your same method too-- wait a few days, and if I'm still thinking about it then I will buy it. But usually being a grownup wins out unfortunately!


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