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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Surprisingly, Snapchat has become one of my most used social media apps lately. I say surprisingly because it wasn't very long ago that I was completely clueless about Snapchat and was certain I had no need for an app that deleted my photos after 10 seconds of viewing them. It's interesting to me how much Snapchat's reputation has changed and how quickly. Also, how quickly it has managed to maneuver itself into the realm of adults and not just teenagers (although I'm sure 13 years olds are by far their largest demographic).

 It's no secret that Snapchat had a bit of a "reputation" when it first came out. Today it's more than just disappearing photos. Here's why I like to use it:

Showing off the moment
Snapchat isn't quite as curated as Instagram, which means it's great for showing off quick moments that probably wouldn't warrant an Instagram or Facebook post. It is also very real-time, so no #latergrams. Another plus is you get to choose who you want to show those moments off too. You can select one person or multiple people to share your pictures or videos with.

No limits, but not annoying
For Instagram, I usually try to choose only one or two pictures to share in the course of a day. Snapchat doesn't have that limit. You are welcome to post as many pictures and videos as you would like to your Snapchat Story and, in my opinion, it's not annoying because I can quickly click through it if I'm not interested — or just ignore them altogether. There is no "feed" like on Facebook or Instagram so you're not forced to see things that you'd rather not.

Quick way to send photos 
Snapchat is really the perfect tool for sharing trivial micro-thoughts. Like most non-Snapchat users, I remember thinking "Why would I ever need to send a picture that immediately deletes itself after someone sees it?!" The thing is, there are actually times when I want to do that. For example, the other day Mark and I were downtown Atlanta and I saw a shop with the same name as one of my friends. I could've easily snapped a photo and texted it to her, but instead I sent her a snap. It wasn't a beautiful picture and I didn't care about saving it on my phone (and she probably didn't either) but it was a fun way to say Hi! I thought about you today. If you happen to be the kind of person that doesn't want the photos and videos you snap to go away, there is also an option available to save them to your phone, although I rarely use it.

Instant feedback and opinion
Snapchat makes it really easy to chat back and forth with friends. Facebook and Instagram's culture of "liking" things has made it so I rarely comment on things unless I really, really like it. On Snapchat, the only way to respond to things people post is to "chat" and it's not public, so it's easier to just talk about stuff without blowing up other people's feeds.

A new way to view the news
I only recently discovered this feature on Snapchat and I really like it. It's one of my top ways of getting the news these days. News organizations like CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and Vox all share daily stories with the top news of the day. It's usually very well curated with music, gifs, and short videos.

If you haven't used the face swap filter on Snapchat yet, it's reason enough to download the app. You will laugh until you cry. Trust me.

Still confused by Snapchat? Here are two helpful guides:

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  1. I love this post! Mark downloaded Snapchat just because the filters kept cracking us up. We literally laughed until we both cried at face-swap gone wrong.


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