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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Joanna Gaines, the woman everyone wants to come decorate their homes, just launched a new paint line and the color scheme is giving me all kinds of weaving inspiration. Fixer Upper is about the only show I can get Mark to watch on Netflix with me, although all the constant sneak peeks drive him crazy. P.S. Has anyone else noticed how often Chip Gaines says "you know" in a single episode. It cracks me up!

Fitbit just launched Hourly Activity & Stationary Time Tracking on their app with the intent of helping you move a few minutes every hour. Even though I'm always trying to get steps in during the day, there are still long periods of time when I'm on my bum in front of the computer. I loved a recent suggestion by Fitbit to fit a short 10 minute walk into every hour of the day. It makes getting 10k steps every day way easier, and there's usually only a few times when I can't pull away from something for a quick 10 minutes. 

There's a rather spooky looking house sitting on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York City right now. It was made from wood salvaged from an old barn and, apparently, you can catch the scent of manure in the air when it rains now! Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo shared some pictures from a recent date night and it looks so neat! Fun fact: Mark and I honeymoon'd in New York City and tried to get to the rooftop of the Met one night, but they had already closed. *sad face* I guess this was more of a sad random fact than a fun one.

Did you know you can create a buffalo plaid look on your floors by using different shades of tile. Brilliant ideas like this are exactly why I like Pinterest so much. Stashing this idea away for my one-day home.

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