Thoughts on Minimalist Style

Monday, May 23, 2016

Do you ever start to feel like your Pinterest boards are just a repeat of the same exact photo? For me, it's an abundance of white walls and snake plants — different houses, different placements — but the same theme every time. It's a really good way to figure out what you're drawn to, style wise, and for me there is no doubt: minimalist vibes are my jam.

By the sounds of it, though, a lot of people are getting tired of this trend that has been dominating Pinterest and the online design world for quite some time. It's become known as "The White Wall Controversy". If you have time, you should read this article about it here. Some see the all-white aesthetic as fresh & clean, others see it as boring.

I wasn't always a fan of white walls. In high school, my bedroom went from hot pink stripes to dark green walls and I loved every inch of it! In college, we were not allowed to paint the walls and I grumbled about it plenty, but sometime after Mark and I got married and moved into our first house, I started to love white walls. I wanted simplicity and bright walls everywhere, and my style hasn't really deviated much since. It's a really convenient style to have when you're not so great at the decorating thing.

In a way, I'm happy that popular style is shifting away from the minimalist, white wall look. It will help it be it's own thing rather than what everrrrrybody is doing. What are your thoughts on it?

As a side note: As much as I love bright white spaces, a part of me is also in love with black walls. I have yet to convince Mark to let me hop on that bandwagon, though.

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