3 Lessons I've Learned From House Hunting

Monday, June 27, 2016

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There's no big updates on the house front these days. We're just practicing patience, checking our realtor app, and enjoying our summer. In a way, the slow progress has been a blessing. A few months ago, I was in gung-ho house hunting mode. These days, I'm just trying to enjoy every second of summer we get to spend in Athens while we're still here. Life goes by too fast to be constantly jumping ahead to the next phase, you know? So, in the meantime, I thought I'd share some lessons I've learned in the process of finding that elusive perfect house.

Don't believe every photo
Just because a room looks huge and light-filled in a photo doesn't guarantee it's going to look that way in person. I'm starting to realize that most realtors/homeowners know how to angle a photo to make rooms seem much larger than they really are. It's amazing what you can do with a wide angle lens! That being said, there have also been a few photos that were downright scary — dark rooms, bright flash, you know the drill — but actually turned out really cute in person. Moral of the story is don't let the photos convince you.

If you're really not into a house, don't go see it
After weeks of not seeing any new listings, we decided to go check out a few houses that we were iffy about. Maybe we'll be happily surprised, we thought. Maybe we'll find a diamond in the rough. Wrong. It ended up being exactly what we designed it to be — one wrong house after the other, which you can imagine is pretty depressing for a day of house hunting. I promised myself on the way back home that we would never do that again. If you're not getting good vibes from the listing, it's probably not worth seeing. You can always ask your realtor to do a preview for you too if you're not sure about a house.

Don't tour more 3-4 houses in a day
This is one of the rules our realtor has and is good about enforcing. After the third house, they all start to blend together and you really forget the details of what you've seen. Buying a house is a obviously a huge decision and one that requires your full attention. Cramming too many houses into one day is just a recipe for fast burn out.

What are some of the biggest lessons you learned while house hunting — besides a constant lesson in patience, of course! :)

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  1. I've learned the same things you have while I have been passively looking at houses. I realized that if I don't love it, don't even think about it because you can't return it. Also trying to see the potential in something is difficult for me but I know it's possible.

    Can Chip and Joanna just come? Or Property Brothers? haha

    1. For real! I'm all about a fixer-upper if it can be remodeled in a 45-minute episode (not years!) haha

  2. I agree with all three, but one that really stuck with me is not believing those pictures. It is always better to drive by and see it in person. Sometimes great houses look bad in certain pictures, while terrible houses can look quite nice with the right angles and lighting. Never trust your eyes in a picture, always drive by.


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