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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

the white pepper etsy shop

One of my biggest flaws in this house-hunting process is getting attached to a house too soon. I can renovate and decorate an entire room in my head before I've even finished looking through all the photos online. It's a constant lesson in patience. That being said, I don't think it's a bad thing to have a few home decor sources up my sleeve when the time does come to decorate. Here are a few of my favorite online shops:

The White Pepper
This shop introduced me to crewel wall hangings and I'm smitten. Think of the time and talent that went into those! I think they would make the sweetest house-warming gifts and the perfect addition to a mantel or gallery wall. Christina, the owner of the shop, has her items neatly organized so it's easy to sort between wall-decor, furniture, and books or clothing.

Grey Street Market
The About section of this shop says, "Our homes can be great looking without breaking the bank" which makes me love it that much more. A lot of their items are older and a bit more used but they're all conversation-starters, for sure. This set of vintage children's books is one of my favorites.

little cows
This is a great place to find larger household pieces like sofas or rockers. Most of their items are in mint-condition and completely drool-worthy, like this dream chair of mine. In the perfect color, too!

Airfare's collection makes me fall in love with mid-century design all over again. She has such a cool collection of unique little items that would make amazing gifts. This gold basket and brass animal letter holder are among many, many favorites from this shop!

The Wild World
If you're looking for a vintage item, chances are you'll find it in this shop. They have a HUGE variety, from vintage scarves to saucepans. They also have one of my favorite collections of Pyrex dishware.

Simplychi Vintage
Mid-century with a side of hippie — I would gladly buy everything in this shop if I had an unlimited budget to burn. My favorite thing about it though is how many planter options they carry: brasswickerhanging, you name it. So many goodies!

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