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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

linenlaidfelt books

Lifetime Books are the creation of Katie Gonzalez from Nashville. I first read about her handmade books on Sweet Peach (a great website that you should check out!) and loved the concept of a handmade book that's meant to hold keepsakes or memories and be handed down from generation to generation. I'm tucking them away as future wedding gifts!

Koel Magazine is a Kickstarter for a new magazine that celebrates all things yarn, but in a really cool contemporary way. In their words, "Preserving the traditional, KOEL brings back the coolness to decorative crochet, knitting, macrame, latch hooking, needlework, and weaving." Sign me up!

IKEA bags — those giant blue bags you use for EVERYTHING — are getting an upgrade! Ikea is collaborating with British designer Tom Dixon and Danish brand HAY for some new 2017 products and one of the items getting a revamp is the versatile blue tote bag. I will most definitely be making an Ikea trip once these come out!

Speaking of IKEA, an exclusive IKEA museum is opening this month in the building that housed the company's first ever store. One really cool thing is that in addition to showcasing pieces from IKEA's archive, they're also going to showcase some of their ideas and failures through the years.

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