Happiness In the Simple Things

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Knocking out an entire workout before work
Eating lunch outside
Having all the laundry folded and put away (however briefly)
Crawling in bed with a book at 7:00pm
Family members with pools
The white noise of a fan blowing at night
Snapchat updates
The smell of the earth before the sun comes up
Morning walks
Live bluegrass
Naps, always and forever
Finding a gem of a book you've never heard of before
Rearranging your bedroom
A whole afternoon by the pool
Seeing the first signs of progress from consistent exercise
Tomatoes from a road side stand
Sticking to a meal plan all week
Having a full day with nowhere to be
Swinging at the park
Finding an old dress in the back of the closet
A clean, shiny kitchen
Holding a sleeping baby
A customer service rep who is extremely helpful
Eating dinner outside
Homemade ice cream
An extra long walk on the beach
Fresh flowers delivered to your door
A good J.Crew sale
Making time for an afternoon yoga class

P.S. The flower arrangement was a surprise delivery from my sister by Farmgirl Flowers in San Francisco. They were gorgeous and arrived happily in their burlap and cardboard box. I hadn't heard of the company before she sent them to me, but will definitely use them again if the occasion arises based off the quality of their flowers. 

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