Taking Stock - June '16 Edition

Monday, June 13, 2016


Making plans for the week. I like using Google Calendar to plan out all our meals for the week, which exercise classes I hope to get to, and work stuff.

Cooking easy summer meals, like hamburgers, tilapia, or chicken salad. Do you have any healthy favorites that are good for hot evenings? We've been trying to stick closely to Whole30 meals for dinner lately and one of my favorite things is sweet potatoes in the crock pot. So simple!

Drinking cold grapefruit Izzes - my favorite "cheat" drink without all the deadly qualities of a soda!

Reading A Free State by Tom Piazza. I hope to write a review once I finish it - I've been completely engrossed in it for the past few days.

Wanting to give these shoes another try. I ended up returning them because they were rubbing blisters on my feet, but now I'm wondering if they would've broken in a little better over time?

Looking forward to the Fourth of July and another beach trip. I've had withdrawals ever since Memorial Day and I think another long weekend is the only cure. :)

Exercising every day. I'm so proud of myself and this new routine I've got going. Here are two fun workout challenges I've been doing lately: Abs and Arms

Watching the new season of Peaky Blinders. Such a great show!

Listening to everything, now that I've got Spotify Premium. Work days are so much better now with limitless music and no ads. There's no going back! I've been enjoying their Alt-Country playlist.

Wearing these shorts just about every day - the perks of working from home!

Trying a hip opening yoga course (this one). I've got the world's tightest hips and can barely even sit cross-legged on the floor, so I'm hoping this will help. I've only done a few classes so far and the biggest struggle for me is being patient enough to stick with a pose long enough for the stretch to work.

Cleaning the whole house. I went on a rampant cleaning and organizing spree this weekend and my house looks so good right now. If it would only stay this way for longer than a week!

Enjoying the simplicity of smoothies for breakfast. They're so perfect for summertime and rushed mornings. I shared my current concoction on the blog last week.

Loving this dry shampoo. I've been wanting to try it for awhile, but finally bit the bullet once I started working out in 90º every day and didn't want to wash my hair during every shower. It's more than I can afford to pay for dry shampoo on the daily, but it is worth every penny. Works like a charm!

Liking Spotify Running. Check it out if you haven't yet -- it switches up the songs based on your steps per minute. Speaking of running, this made me laugh so hard this week.

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  1. Mark and I just bought Spotify Premium, and it is so worth it! Also, I'm with you on the breakfast smoothie thing. It keeps me full longer than cereal or a breakfast bar. My favorite smoothie is mixed berries, spinach, plain yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds, a little honey, and chocolate protein! Yum!


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