This Week's Links 6.10.16

Friday, June 10, 2016


The small town we live in is known as the "city of marigolds" and the residents really do their part to live up to the name. There are marigolds planted in every front yard, including the police station, library, and book store! I stopped to snap a picture of this bed of marigolds on my walk the other day. The heat is getting to them, but they still looked so happy! We're planning to check out the local bookstore's bag sale this weekend ($10 for all the books you can fit in a bag) and then I'm hoping to find a pool to read them beside. Here are some fun links from this week...

These simple summer recipes look delicious

One week is all you need to crush your fitness goals

Marketing manager role for a fun tech company - LOL!

12 things you don't have to give up in order to save money


I'm totally on board with the bohemian trend

Morning rituals to will make you a happier person

I'm so impressed with this DIY rope rug — wonder if I have the guts to attempt it?

Adding this delicious looking BLT salad to my meal plan for next week

Have a great weekend!


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