Why You Should Rearrange Your Bedroom This Weekend

Thursday, June 23, 2016


I was on a roll cleaning and organizing our house a few weekends ago and decided to rearrange all our bedroom furniture while I was at it. I knew Mark wouldn't care and I only needed his help to move the bulky stuff, like our dresser, but while he was helping me he told me that this was one of his least favorite things — rearranging furniture, that is. I smiled because I instantly thought how much he would've hated being around my twin sister and I when we were growing up. We rearranged the furniture in our bedroom on a sometimes-weekly basis. Things were constantly being switched out and shuffled around. The trend continued all the way to college where we shared a one-bedroom apartment together.

I don't move my furniture around much anymore, but rearranging our bedroom reminded me why it's such a fun (and practical) thing to do every now and then.

1. It's a fun (and way more effective) way to clean your room
Rearranging always inadvertently leads to cleaning and it's much more effective since you can vacuum under places that were previously unreachable.

2. It gets you out of a rut
Whenever I rearrange a room, it instantly becomes the place I want to be all the time. It's new and fresh and invigorating.

3. You'll likely find some pretty great stuff
Do you have any idea the amount of goodies hiding under your bed (with a fair share of dirty socks and empty water bottles, of course)? I've been thinking all week how much I need a new beach bag, only to uncover an old bag under my bed that fits all our towels and suits perfectly.

4. It opens up new decorating possibilities
Changing the flow of a room instantly opens up new decorating possibilities. I finally got around to hanging two really cool posters we received as gifts that had been sitting sadly in the guest room for months.

5. If you don't like it, you can just move it back
There's nothing permanent about rearranging your bedroom -- no scary life choices, no debilitating stress. It's just a mind-relaxing task (that requires a little extra muscle) and if you don't like the end result — just move it all back.

Boom. The perfect weekend chore.

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