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Monday, July 25, 2016


One of the reasons why I like Whole30 (I originally wrote love there, but let's not go overboard) is because it is a great way to reset your eating habits in just a short amount of time. I know that healthy eating as a lifestyle is much better than a "get skinny quick" diet, but even with the best of intentions we all have those weeks (or months) where Taco Bell becomes the norm for dinner and we need to get back on track. Whole30 is a great way to detox from the bad stuff and cultivate some healthy habits in the process. Let's be honest, I will probably never cut sugar, grains, and dairy from my diet permanently, but I can do anything for a few weeks and that's usually the mindset that gets me through. The best part is that every time we've done Whole30, there have been good habits that stick around after we finish. After our first round, I didn't drink a soda for a good six months, if not longer. While it's not a lifestyle change that I would be rigid about, it is a good way to start fresh with healthy habits.

A few months ago, I set August as my deadline for the first big milestone in my workout routine. Since then I've seen significant changes, but I was ready to give myself an extra boost. I wanted to see how different the results would be if I added a completely healthy diet to the daily exercises I was already doing. It should be noted that we're not crazy unhealthy eaters over here and, with the exception of my Mexican food obsession, I've been eating fairly healthy since I started working out... but there's always room for improvement, right?

It has been exactly eight days since we started and I have been truly impressed with the difference. They say abs are made in the kitchen but up until this week I really didn't believe them. Turns out, all those inspirational Instagram fitness posts knew what they were talking about. Seeing results so soon after starting has made it much more motivating to keep going. Also, we made it through our first weekend and those always seem to be the hardest. Only three more weeks to go!

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  1. I feel like I could've written this post myself! I did two back to back rounds in May/June, and even though I tried to do it 80% over the last few weeks, I'm really looking forward to jumping in 100% in August again just to get my mind & body right again. Good luck!!!!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I think Whole30 in the spring/summer is much easier than during the winter, but it's always a struggle. Looking forward to being done, but also really enjoying the results right now!


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