Four Cool Things with Abi from The Wife Aquatic

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I've had fun putting together a few Four Cool Things posts lately, but to really turn this series into more of a collaboration I wrangled some of my best blogger friends into sharing their cool things as well. I'm excited to welcome a few of them to the blog in the next month. 

First up is a long-time friend and familiar face on the blog, Abi from The Wife Aquatic. Abi is my go-to source for great book recommendation and amazing DIY skills. I've always enjoyed her perspective so I knew she would be a great contributor to this series. I hope you enjoy!


The Bitter Southerner is an online magazine that celebrates the pride and quirks of the modern American South. Instead of promoting the moonlight-and magnolias fiction, it uplifts the true Southern traditions: cooking, drinking, storytelling, playing music, crafting handmade goods. Here, you'll find everything from poems to short stories to essays to recipes to videos. Every Tuesday, they share a new story from the South. This video is my current favorite.

Living on a yacht has introduced me to an online community of other liveaboards. One of my recent favorite finds is @wanderlustsailor, the Instagram of a New Zealander named Stephanie who lives aboard a little yacht named Thumbsucker. Captured with her GoPro, her images share sweeping ocean vistas and breathtaking sunsets. Plus, somehow she has the best hair ever.

Here in Maryland, we're known for seafood, especially crab. Thus it's only fitting that the largest crab festival be held here: the Annapolis Crab Feast. This year marks the 71st annual feast where diners gather to stuff themselves to the gills upon 350 bushels of crab, 3400 ears of corn, 100 gallons of Maryland crab soup, and 1800 hot dogs. (I am so glad I didn't have to shuck all that corn!) The crab feast ticket sales benefit local charities, and all the garbage goes into compost and is made available to local gardens. How cool is that?

Speaking of Maryland-made, check out my summer art sale if you're into the art scene. I specialize in mixed media abstracts, semi-abstract florals, and 3D plaster skull art. From now until August 31st, I will be offering 20% off all art purchases from my Etsy shop Abigail Hobbs Studios. My goal is to share my art and fill people's homes with color; so if you see a piece you want but still can't quite afford, just shoot me a private message to discuss pricing options.

About The Wife Aquatic

The Wife Aquatic is a lifestyle and home decor blog devoted to curating colorful, happy, DIY homes no matter the limits. Currently, Abi and her husband are in the process of turning a 1988 liveaboard Carver yacht into their home in Washington, D.C. Her decorating style and adventures are never boring! 

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  1. Thanks so much for having me Whitney! I enjoyed writing this guest post and look forward to reading the next ones in your series!


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