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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

life lately

Making watermelon strawberry sorbet. Simplest recipe and so good!

Cooking beef burritos and then eating them all week long. Some could call it resourcefulness, other could call it lazy.

Drinking Dry sparkling blood orange — a new favorite.

Reading Quiet by Susan Cain. I've heard so many good things about this book and, even though it's not my normal type of read, it's really interesting. Hoping to share a review soon.

Wanting to be around water (pool, lake, ocean, doesn't matter) as much as possible.

Updating my wishlist board on know, just in case Mark needs a present idea. ;)

Working out with kettlebells this week. They're fun to use, but - oh man - I can hardly walk straight afterwards, my legs are so shaky and sore.

Watching movies based on true stories. I didn't plan it that way, but Spotlight (about the Boston journalists who uncovered the child molestation scandal by the Catholic Church) and The Big Short (about the 2008 housing market crash) were both really good!

Listening to this Phosphorescent album again. I had forgotten about it until someone shared it with me last week and it's been on repeat since.

Wearing the comfiest shorts from Gap. I can't find them on their website, but they're a soft, drawstring short — it's like wearing pajamas as clothes.

Trying to get rid of a summer cold. Colds during the summer should be against the law.

Doing squats while folding the laundry.

Eating so much Mexican food. I can't get tired of it if I tried...and, believe me, I've been trying this week. We're going into day four of Mexican food around here.

Loving the dark clouds that roll in before the summer storms.


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