Summer Moments

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

on the lake

After a weekend of fun and sun on the lake, I'm typing this post as large drops of rain pelt the windows and thunder rumbles across the sky. The whole thing will roll out of here in about fifteen minutes, I bet. That's the beauty of summer storms — they're here one second and gone the next, a lot like summer in that respect. We've been at the lake for the last two weekends and the simple moments of driving through the mountains to get there, bobbing up and down in the water, and reading a book in a hammock strung between the trees have made this summer-loving girl fall in love even more with this beautiful season. 

It's been a rather uneventful summer compared to last year and that's fine. After the upheaval and newness of a move, it feels good to be settled in our little place in the world and enjoy a "boring" summer. Most days are a cycle of the same old, same old, but the evenings are my favorite — you can almost fit another whole day into that span of daylight.

It seems like summer picks up more speed with every year of life. What happened to those summers that used to stretch on for an eternity? Someone go back and tell those kids to quit their whining and appreciate what they have! Meanwhile, I'll be here trying to hold onto these steamy days as August keeps drawing closer. 

reading a book
summer lake

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