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Thursday, July 14, 2016


It's been a great week over here, but I'm looking forward to checking out for a few days. We're headed to the lake this weekend and I'm ready to soak up another July weekend. I can't believe there's only three more left! Slow down, summer! 

Another reason why I love Minted: #MintedBox

I've sung the virtues of dry shampoo repeatedly on this blog but, to be balanced, I'll post this today: The Unfortunate Reality of Dry Shampoo

The cutest wall hanging and a tutorial on how to make it

How did she get there?

I love this quote from this article: "We should smash our computers and throw our phones into the ocean, then open every cardboard box in every attic on earth and read whatever falls out."

50 good reasons for a trip to Atlanta: The ATL Food Bucket List

So many delicious ice cream recipes

5 lessons Tina Roth Eisenberg has learned from launching Tattly (my favorite temp tattoo company)

Speaking of Tattly, their once-a-year 50% off sale is going on right now. Use the code TATTLYTURNS5 until midnight tomorrow.

Another weaving tutorial. I'm stashing this one away for the winter months.

I'd like to keep this sign permanently on my desk during the summer.

And, in case you missed them, a few posts from the blog this week:

Taking stock <-- br="" love="" series="" still="" this="">

A summer guide to Athens

reading list pulled from the neglected titles on my bookshelf


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