Watermelon, Four Ways

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I have been on a serious watermelon kick lately and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon... at least not while this heat wave is hanging around. I've been keeping a container full in the fridge and it has been my go-to snack these days (as well as addition to almost every meal). The best part about watermelon — besides the fact that it's delicious —  is it totally counts towards water intake and is a tasty way to stay hydrated. Plus, you don't get any of the bloating that comes along with drinking tons of water. Although eating it plain is perfect in itself, here are a few other ways to put a fun spin on this summer treat.

I made this a few weeks before we started Whole30 and have been craving it ever since. It will definitely be making a reappearance once we finish! It is super easy to make (all you need is a blender) and is a very light summer dessert when it's insanely hot outside.

Popsicles don't get any easier to make than this - you won't even need to buy a popsicle mold! Different toppings (like sea salt or lemon juice) will change up the flavor, depending on your preference. 

via Say Yes


I love the way this recipe celebrates watermelon by making it the main point of attraction in this simple summer salad. I'm not so opposed to eating my greens when they're graced with deliciousness like this. 

via Viena K

Is this not the prettiest (and probably healthiest) cake you've ever seen? I can think of so many reasons why this is genius: no oven time during the summer, simple to make, healthy dose of fruits, cute Instagram photos ;) Definitely whipping this recipe out for the next summer soiree. 


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